Mistletoe Therapy & Integrative Oncology Course 2020
An extended course, offering both an Introductory and an Advanced track, featuring new topics and faculty
Oct 15-18 at Magnolia Hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado

Covid 19 Update: Announcing exciting new format - the 2020 Mistletoe & Integrative Oncology training will be livestreamed and recorded! In the event we are unable to meet in person, we will not be livestreaming and the course will be converted into an online live webinar event. Those already registered for the in-person training or the livestream will be given priority placement in the online offering, and in-person registrants will receive a refund of the cost difference between the livestream and in-person registration fees. Participation spots will be limited, so register early.
Due to social distancing,
spots for participation in the live gathering are now limited. We are still hopeful and striving toward an in-person gathering in Denver in October, but we continue to monitor the situation regarding case numbers and travel restrictions. For pricing and registration options, click here. See topic lists below for specific information on what will be livestreamed, recorded, or only available in-person. All participants, both livestream and in-person will be able to participate in the four faculty case presentations/group mentoring sessions that have been added that will take place over the year following the live event. 

New Announcement: The application process is underway for up to 27 Naturopathic CE credits through the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. As mentioned above, we are including a series of four faculty case presentations/group mentoring sessions that will take place online in the months after October 15th. This will be a chance for course participants to continue learning and to ask questions as they put what they've learned into practice. To read more about our expert faculty, click here.

The 2020 Course has both an Introductory and an Advanced track. The topics to be explored include the following (to see a schedule including a full list of topics and presenters, click here):

Pre-Conference Introduction Workshop Topics
*Topics marked with single asterisk will be livestreamed and recorded; double asterisk will be recorded, but not livestreamed

  • Introduction to Anthroposophy**
  • Lessons Learned as an Anthroposophic Physician**

Introductory Track and Combined Session Topics

  • The History of Mistletoe and Modern Oncology**
  • The Fourfold Picture of the Human Being and Cancer** 
  • The Threefold Human Being & Integrative Cancer Care**
  • What Cancer Teaches Us About Health and the Human Being*
  • Constitutional Prescribing of Mistletoe & Case Studies*
  • The Immunology and Science of Mistletoe*
  • Adjuvant Integrative Oncology Prescribing & Mistletoe* 
  • Advanced Understanding of Mistletoe Host Trees*
  • A Fourfold Paradigm for Understanding Pain* 
  • Introduction to Helleborus & Adjuvant Anthroposophic Medicine*
  • Practical Intravenous Mistletoe and Integrative Oncology*
  • Subcutaneous Instruction*
  • Learning How to Integrate Helixor, Abnoba, Iscador & Iscucin*
  • Treating Solid Tumors versus Leukemia, Lymphoma and Mast Cell Tumors*
  • Enhancing End of Life Care: Practical Approaches from Anthroposophic Medicine & Nursing*
  • Psychological and Soul Care for Cancer Patients and Practitioners*
  • Advanced Functional Medicine Testing* 
  • Understanding Cannabanoids, LDN, Fasting and Emerging Adjuvant Therapies*
  • Small Group Case Study: Presentations and Practice of Integrative Oncology Treatment Plans

Advanced Track Topics

  • Understanding Induction Therapy & Advanced Dosing Protocols*
  • Updates on New European Anthroposophic Treatments of Cancer*
  • Targeted Strategies for Cancer and Immune Cell Signaling Pathways*
  • Mistletoe Research on Fever and Intratumoral Injections - Case Studies*
  • Advanced Case Studies in Integrative Oncology Treatment Plans and Choosing Intravenous Routes of Administration versus Subcutaneous Injection

Topics are subject to change

In the event the in-person training is cancelled (due to circumstances beyond PAAM’s control), and you are already registered, you will automatically be given a place for the online offering, or you can request a full refund, minus a $100 administrative fee.

  • If you decide you are not able to attend the October course for any reason, let us know before August 1st and you will receive a full refund of your payment.
  • Cancellations received between August 2nd and September 15th will be refunded 50%, minus a $100 administrative fee.
  • No refunds will be granted after September 15th unless outside circumstances prohibit a physical meeting.

Some of the most experienced and knowledgeable allopathic and naturopathic clinicians in the field will introduce participants to decades of experience gained in the best European clinics and combine it with an overview of current integrative and naturopathic practices that are synergistic with mistletoe.

This practical and comprehensive course covers all aspects of research and application. It will be certified by the Medical Section at the Goetheanum.

There will be an optional Introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine workshop the morning of Thursday, October 15th. Onsite check-in for the 3-day course will take place Thursday, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, with the first session beginning at 3:30 pm. The course will offer both introductory presentations for those who are relatively new to mistletoe best practices and advanced presentations for those who are more experienced. 

This course is available to MD’s, DO’s, ND’s, NP’s and PA’s.

Included in the registration: all course presentations and materials (not including the Introductory workshop); dinner Thursday night, as well as breakfasts and lunches Friday morning through Sunday morning. 

Participants are responsible for their own transportation and lodging. A discounted block of rooms have been set aside for course participants at the event venue, Magnolia Hotel in downtown Denver. Single kings rooms are $215 per night (not including tax and fees) and double queens are $225 per night (not including tax and fees). Reservations must be made prior to September 23, 2020. Space is limited, so reserve early by clicking here.

Scholarships are available through the Bob Kellum Memorial Fund and the Steward Scholars Program for Integrative Medicine Fellows and Faculty. Please write to us at paamdrscourse@anthroposophy.org, detailing your circumstances to be considered.

*Mistletoe is not approved by the FDA for any specific medical diagnosis or treatment.

If you are a licensed medical practitioner seeking more information about mistletoe see our Mistletoe page here
If you are patient seeking a practitioner see our Patient Resources page here

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