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ATHENA Pre-IPMT Workshop

  • 27 Apr 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EDT)
  • Chestnut Ridge, NY

Women's Health - Experiencing the Approach and Potential of Eurythmy Therapy
A pre-IPMT workshop hosted by the Association for Therapeutic Eurythmy in North America (ATHENA)

This is ATHENA’s fifth annual Pre-IPMT workshop. Rudolf Steiner gave the fundamentals of Eurythmy Therapy (the Curative Eurythmy Course) to a group of young doctors during a medical course in April of 1921 with the hope and expectation that they would take up these indications and develop them further as part of their medical practice. These workshops are held in this spirit and are intended as a forum for collaborative research and sharing between medical professionals and eurythmy therapists. The hope is to both broaden the exposure and deepen the understanding of TE and how it can be applied with patients.

As a spiritual-corporeal process Therapeutic Eurythmy (TE) can access the formative forces which issue out of the cosmos and work in our body and soul, to bring health and renewal. With the practice of TE the patient is asked to consciously participate in the healing process. What sound gestures and movement activities are helpful in working with women’s health issues? Why or how is this so? How do we bring these to the patient? And are there preventative measures or exercises offered through eurythmy therapy?

This year we look forward to coming together to share our understanding of women’s health issues and to practice the applicable eurythmy gestures and exercises gained through our training and through the many years of experience carried by some of our colleagues. Our time together will be devoted to learning and experiencing the TE gestures and exercises - and the forces at work in and through them - in relation to the theme of women’s health.

Click here for schedule and downloadable registration form. Registration deadline is April 20, 2019. 

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