Anthroposophic Medical Training

How can we best meet the needs of the whole human being? As the technology and cost of our medical care increases, the humanity of our medicine is called more and more into question. Where can we find new paradigms for truly holistic care? 

The Anthroposophic Medical Training is open to all licensed prescribers (MD, DO, ND, NP, PA, DDS and PharmD), and students of those disciplines. The course offers diverse learning experiences, including intensive training conferences, live video group sessions, in-person clinical mentoring workshops and one-on-one phone mentoring teaching. The full training consists of participation in four Training Conferences and a three-year Clinical Mentoring Program.

Annual week-long Training Conferences (held in April or May) rotate through four clinical topics:

The week-long Training Conferences can be joined at any time—even mid-cycle—with newcomer groups offered every year. Here you can find a sample schedule for the Training Conferences.

The Clinical Mentoring Program provides more individualized teaching and a focus on practical application. The first year consists of live-video group sessions, along with an in-person fall weekend clinical mentoring workshop. In mentoring years two and three, participants are paired with an experienced clinician, to discuss cases from their own clinical practices. Participation in the Clinical Mentoring Program requires application and acceptance into the three-year course.

Timeline for the full Anthroposophic Medical Training components:

(*Training Conference topics will vary, based on when you begin the four-year rotation)

Participants who successfully complete the Anthroposophic Medical Training are eligible to apply for both U.S./Canadian, and International Certification in Anthroposophic Medicine.

You can find the full list of Certification requirements (for MD, DO, NP and PA practitioners), as well as instructions for submission here. Certification for ND applicants who have completed the Anthroposophic Medical Training is offered by the Society of Physicians of Anthroposophic Naturopathy (SPAN).

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