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Seven Life Processes Webinar Recordings

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Recordings of a six-session course exploring unique perspectives for seeing archetypes of both healthy physiology and one-sided illness patterns, which are interconnected. Anthroposophic Medicine recognizes seven interweaving steps of change—breathing, warming, nourishing, secretion, maintenance, growth and reproduction—all “life processes” which continuously unfold within us. When they fall out of balance they can be supported through substance (remedy), through external application, or through therapeutic activity. The course thoroughly discussed the characteristics and qualities of the seven metals used widely within Anthroposophic pharmacy as a way to understand these archetypes. The sessions offered detailed teaching about the observable phenomena of these metals and minerals as well as case presentations demonstrating their therapeutic application. The course was designed for licensed medical practitioners, nurses and therapists.

Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM)
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