Ongoing efforts regarding the FDA's Draft Guidance on Homeopathic Products: 
The organization, Americans for Homeopathy Choice (AHC) submitted a legally and clinically sound Citizen's Petition to the FDA to have permanent regulation for homeopathic products, many of which are used by anthroposophic medical physicians. The regulation proposed in the Citizen's Petition would allow continued access to over-the-counter homeopathic remedies, rescind the FDA's Draft Guidance on Homeopathic Products (released 12/2017) that considers homeopathic products as "drugs" that need regulation and restricted access in some cases, and continue the legal restriction on the FDA to prevent them from the undue regulation of these extremely safe remedies.
Since the creation of the FDA in 1938, homeopathic remedies have had a separate, protected legal status because of the safety and different mechanisms of action from pharmaceutical drugs. PAAM, as an organization, along with many individual members, have submitted comments to the FDA in support of the Citizen's Petition. A large submission campaign to the FDA was recently completed and was very successful. Thanks to PAAM, AAMTA and many homeopathic organizations and community members, there have been a total of 16, 174 comments submitted! Only a very few were not in support of the Citizen’s Petition. Thank you all who contributed to this campaign and submitted a positive comment in support of the petition!
You can look at The Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM) letter of support that was submitted on the FDA’s website.

The FDA is legally required to assess and respond in writing to this petition. The number of positive comments submitted will also help advocates in discussing PAAM’s and homeopathy’s concern about the legal status and accessibility of homeopathic products that are used by so many people in the US. AHC is now engaged in an effort to talk with interested legislators about the FDA overstepping its legal bounds in trying to restrict homeopathic (and anthroposophic) remedies. PAAM and AHC do not want to wait for the FDA to respond, since they may just ignore the public and professional comments, as they have done in the past. AHC has good legal counsel that is prepared to take legal action, if necessary. PAAM supports AHC’s overall approach in preventing the FDA from directly or indirectly restricting the availability of safe homeopathic remedies. PAAM has representation on the Homeopathy Advocacy Working Group that is working with AHC. Any interested lay or professional person can join AHC and be a part of the movement to advocate for homeopathyAnthroposophic medicine has always been conceived as a natural and holistic form of medicine that amplifies and extends conventional medicine to more fully and accurately address the whole human being (body, life, mind/soul, and spirit/individuality) in necessary diagnostic, therapeutic and research aspects. Anthroposophic medicine attempts this through insights into the deeper aspects of a patient’s physiology, symptomatology and pathology. The subsequent treatment strives to be comprehensive, and involves the use of natural remedies (herbal, homeopathic, and other compounded substances), as well as artistic and other modalities. Anthroposophic medical treatment tries to enhance a person’s own powers of self-healing and thereby achieve even more vital health and balance. The restriction of homeopathic remedies by the FDA would be a serious blow to both patients and physicians that use homeopathic and anthroposophic medicines in their treatment plans.

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