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Integrative Insights and Language: 
Tools for addressing the physical, functional,
emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being

Because today’s medicine struggles to see the whole person, many health problems are crying out for a new approach.  As the technology and cost of our medical care increases, the humanity of our medicine is called more and more into question.  How can we best remember the needs of the whole human being? 

Tools for a deeper understanding come through Anthroposophic insights (Greek: “anthropos” human being, “sophia” knowledge or wisdom).  Anthroposophic medicine teaches us to see illness at the levels of the: physical/structural; functional/recuperative; emotional/sensory; and spiritual/creative.  It provides a pathway for understanding the interweaving aspects of our humanity—of the connection of body and mind.  Anthroposophic Medicine offers a methodology and medical language for describing these connections.  Building on the powerful foundation modeled by its founders, Rudolf Steiner PhD and Ita Wegman MD, new approaches are continually being developed for meeting the real needs in medicine today.

For more introductory information:
Here you can find three short introductory articles describing insights into the:  

Functional and Recuperative aspects of physiology (here explored as relating to "etheric," or life forces)

Emotional and Sensory aspects (relating to "astral," or soul forces)

Spiritual and Creative aspects (relating to the "I-being," or innermost core of each individuality )

These aspects are also presented in a more clinical context in Healing for Body, Soul, and Spirit.

Suggestions for more in-depth reading relating to Integrative Insights and Language:
Functional MorphologyA three-fold, holistic, detailed discussion of anatomy and physiology, by a world-renowned author of medical anatomy texts.  Demonstrates how a differentiated physiology stands behind both the structural/architectural and functional patterns of health and illness. Rohen, Johannes. Functional Morphology. Adonis Press, 2007. ISBN978-093277636-5.   

Understanding and Applying the Fourfold Approach to the Human Beingby Annelies Bruell, Nick Blitz, Angelika Monteux, and John Ralph.  A clear and structured guide to observing and understanding the four constituent members, particularly from the viewpoint of teaching (pedagogy) and curative education. Freely available to read online.

Individual Paediatrics: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Diagnosis and Counseling. Anthroposophic-homoepathic Therapy. Definitive anthroposophic pediatric textbook, its 1000 pages recently translated from the fourth German edition, providing treatment recommendations and broader context for a wide range of both common and serious pediatric illness.  Soldner, G. & Stellmann, H. M. Individual Paediatrics: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Diagnosis and Counseling. Anthroposophic-homoepathic Therapy. Fourth Edition (German), First Edition (English) CRC Press/MedPharm, 2014 

Internal Medicine.  Definitive text of anthroposophic adult medicine,  a major contribution to the field of integrative medicine, by Dr. Matthias Girke.

An Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine.  A concise introduction to anthroposophic medicine, for health professionals.  This 1984 book is still very relevant for its clear exposition of the principles of Anthroposophic Medicine.  Bott, Victor:  Spiritual Science and the Art of Healing. Healing Arts Press.

Fundamentals of Therapy.  This foundational work by the originating authors functions as a workbook, rather than textbook.  A nearly century-old classic work, it offers a fresh, even revolutionary guide for enlivening our medical thinking, in return for a reader’s willingness to enter into a process of discovery. Steiner, Rudolf and & Ita Wegman. Fundamentals of Therapy. Mercury Press, bilingual edition, translated by C. van Tellingen. Also available, in a different edition, as: Extending Practical Medicine. Rudolf Steiner Press, AR Meuss, translator.

Healing the Skin: Holistic Approaches to Treating Skin Conditions.  A practical guide to skin disorders based on anthroposophic medicine:  Jachens, Lueder. Healing the Skin: Holistic Approaches to Treating Skin Conditions.  Temple Lodge Press, 2008.

The Human Organs.  A classic work for its artistic and soulful approaches to the study of four major organ systems; much to offer though an older text.  Holtzapfel, Walter.  The Human Organs.  Floris Books, 2014.  

You can search for more clinical articles, lectures, and resources at the AnthroMed Library 

...Learn more about how Anthroposophic Medicine enriches A Science of Observation        

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