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Groundbreaking Research:
Bringing innovative approaches to today's
most pressing medical needs

Standard medicine’s biochemical perspective cannot solve every problem.  A whole-person approach offers broader therapeutic concepts and opportunities to meet complex medical challenges in innovative ways.  Research shows that Anthroposophic Medicine can:

For nearly a century, Anthroposophic Medicine has been growing as practitioners gathered clinical expertise and found new applications. Recent research quantifies what generations of patients have experienced and valued.  An assessment commissioned by the Swiss government in 2006 found that 253 out of 256 clinical studies evaluating Anthroposophic Medicine showed positive outcomes, with “very high” safety and cost-effectiveness.  The number of published clinical studies related to Anthroposophic medicine has since almost doubled.  This is just the beginning of proving what is possible.  

You can find regularly updated collections of 
recent research publications related to Anthroposophic Medicine and therapies here, at :

For a more comprehensive overview, download this 2012 review article on Anthroposophic MedicineKienle G, Albonico HU, Baars E, Hamre H, Zimmermann P, Kiene H, “Anthroposophic Medicine: An Integrative Medical System Originating in Europe”, Global Advances in Health and Medicine, November 2013 

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