Anthroposophic End of Life Care: a medical and nursing approach

The end of life brings a quieting and fading of physical strength and vitality, but is balanced by a greater openness for spiritual truth and experience. Palliative and hospice care need to be not just about the removal of physical suffering but also the nourishment and recognition of this important transition, which many people experience as a kind of “birthing” out of the physical body. Anthroposophic medicinal and nursing treatments consciously work with the levels of body, soul, and spirit. We are excited to bring both holistic insights and practical therapeutic tools to practitioners in North America.

Join our webinar workshops with two international experts in Anthroposophic end of life care: Dr. Phillip von Trott, Director of Interdisciplinary Oncology and Palliative Medicine at Havelhöhe Hospital, Berlin, on November 23, 2019; and Rolf Heine RN, Founder and Director of the Academy of Anthroposophic Nursing at the Filderklinik Hospital, Stuttgart, on Saturday Mar 28, 2020.

The course is designed for medical prescribers and nurses, and assumes familiarity with basic anthroposophic terms and practices.

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