2020 Faculty

Ursula Flatters, MD, was a doctor and Director at the Vidarklinik in Sweden, now part of the J√§rna Academy, which she also co-founded. 

She has been a school doctor for nearly 25 years. She has extensive teaching experience, both in Sweden and internationally. This includes a variety of seminars on meditation. For many years she has participated in a research project on breast cancer.

Albert Schmidli, Pharm, is an Anthroposophic Pharmacist, Waldorf teacher and a trainer in anthroposophic medicine. For over 25 years he was responsible for new product development and physician training at Weleda, Switzerland. He continues to travel worldwide, teaching health professionals about AM and medicines and is a beloved and much sought-after teacher.

Adam Blanning, MD, is certified in anthroposophic medicine and board-certified in family medicine, and has served on the faculty of New York Medical College and the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  Adam is the director for PAAM's training programs, including the IPMT.  He founded and directs the Denver Center for Anthroposophic Therapies, which offers anthroposophic medicine, therapeutic eurythmy, anthroposophic nursing and rhythmical massage. He works with Waldorf schools in Denver and Boulder as a educational and developmental consultant. Adam is also the president of AHA (Anthroposophic Health Association).

David Gershan, MD, has practiced Anthroposophical medicine in the San Francisco region for 40 years. He has dedicated himself to serving all populations, including the unprivileged in the city. His practice widely serves both adults and children.

Carmen Hering, DO, integrates Anthroposophic Medicine with Osteopathic and Family Medicine in private practice in Albany, CA. She serves as adjunct faculty at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Vallejo, trains medical students in her office, teaches at the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teach Training (BACWTT), and serves as faculty for the annual International Postgraduate Medical Training.

Philip Incao, MD, is a family doctor, and had a solo primary care practice in Harlemville, New York. He was Medical Director at Camphill Copake for many years. He then practiced in Denver, and now practices part-time in Crestone, Colorado. Dr. Incao was one of the founders and first presidents of PAAM. He is a much sought-after mentor in the US and abroad, because of his extensive experience and depth of insight. He has taught and written about anthroposophic medicine widely.

Steven Johnson, DO currently practices part time in the Columbia County/Berkshire region. He has lectured frequently in the field of integrative and Anthroposphic medicine in universities and conferences such as Vanderbilt University, Bellarmine College, the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, the Herbal Symposium, the Holistic Nurses Association, the Indiana Osteopathic Association, the IPMT,  Biological Medicine Training and the Biodynamic Association conferences. He is currently the president of the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and a consultant for Uriel Pharmacy. He has a particular interest in the “Health Creation” as a renewed public health paradigm. He is a frequent teacher and mentor for students of Anthroposphic and integrative medicine and is known for his ability to successfully treat challenging health issues.

Alicia Landman-Reiner, MD, practiced AM as a board-certified family doctor from 1986 through 2004.   She founded PAAM Training in 2000, was its director into 2015, and continues to manage its mentoring program.  She has greatly enjoyed the privilege of teaching doctors about AM in the US and internationally. She worked for many years with several Waldorf schools. Alicia lives in Moab, Utah.

Lynn Madsen, PhD, MD, practiced both family and anthroposophic medicine for twelve years before taking early retirement to pursue new directions. She mentors beginning anthroposophic physicians, provides life and health coaching, and has recently written three memoirs about her adventures in medicine. 



Glenda Monasch, TE, studied Anthroposophical Foundational Studies at Emerson College U.K. She received her eurythmy training at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland, and her post-graduate eurythmy training in the U.K. She has extensive experience in all aspects of performance, pedagogical and therapeutic eurythmy. She has been the resident US trainer in IPMT since 2008, and is a co-director and eurythmy trainer of Sound Circle Eurythmy. Glenda is in private therapeutic eurythmy practice in Boulder, Colorado, in consultation with Dr. Blanning and Dr. Incao, and participates with physicians and fellow therapists in the yearly Regional Anthroposophical Medical conferences in Colorado. She is the co-director of the Therapeutic Eurythmy Training of North America (TETNA).

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